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Acquiring Land

If you are considering selling some of your land, we would be happy to discuss your aspirations and plans. We have an in-depth knowledge and experience of design, planning and development to be able to structure transactions to match your financial and personal expectations.

We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully negotiate and work with both local communities and planning authorities to secure building consents, often on perplexing and demanding sites. We believe in developing projects and designs that really do enhance the local environment to the benefit of all. The selection of brief case studies below demonstrates our success in achieving planning consent.

Our requirements include:

  • Land with or without planning
  • Land suitable for several dwellings to several dozen
  • Properties ranging from starter homes to luxury houses
  • Brownfield land within the established settlement boundary
  • Greenfield land that can be promoted through the planning system

Where a site is acquired on a subject to planning basis, we will carry out all matters relating to the planning application and will cover all associated costs.

All discussions are held in the strictest confidence, so if you own land that may be suitable for development, or just have a garden too large to manage, please contact us on 01483 283284.

Effective introductions will be acknowledged, and agents retained.


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Third Party Asset Management

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